SnowClaw Backcountry Snow Shovel, Ultra-Light, Snow Anchor, Digging Snow Caves, Fits In Any Backpack or Stowed in Automobile
  • Perfect for Backcountry Skiing, Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, Snowboarding, Snow Camping, Emergency Car Truck Shovel, or Snow Anchor
  • Incredibly Tough High-Impact Copolymer, Closing Blade to a U-Shape Transforms into a Very Rigid Tool, Or Leave Shovel Blade Open to Move a Large Volume of Soft Snow
  • Ultra Light 6.4 oz, Takes Up Very Little Space in Any Backpack
  • Extremely Efficient Method of Digging Utilizing Hands and Body Weight Pulling in the Same Direction
  • Made in the USA, 12 x 11.25 x .25 Inches, High Impact Copolymer, Crack Resistant to Minus 20°F
SnowClaw has been tested, proven and used worldwide for over 20 years. The SnowClaw is an extremely efficient tool for digging snow utilizing both hands pulling in the same direction and the use of ones full body weight-momentum to help move the load of snow. SnowClaw is ultra-light and very easy to pack, taking up very little space and is so easy to pack it will never get left behind. SnowClaw is great for snow caves, digging out a stuck snowmobile, or any backcountry snow moving chores. SnowClaw is a must-have item for winter backcountry adventure.  

SnowClaw – Backcountry Snow Shovel & Multi-Functional Tool

Emergency Splint

Snow Anchor